my first marathon experience

First Track workouts

Posted by Praveen | 9 Jun 2007, 4:13am

On Mon, we had our first track workouts. Track workarounds are intended to push the beyond its comfort zone. When you jogging regularly, you are in "aerobic zone" and you running faster than your normal jog - you get into "anaerobic zone". This is where you body (specially lungs) need to adopt to provide more oxygen. Another word for this is "VO2Max".

My run included 4 rounds of warmup, 6 rounds of fast running (with 3minute breaks between each round) and 2 rounds of warm-down. Pheewww......it was TOUGH ! Each run around the track is 400m. I was flat after 3 rounds of running. Coaches tell me that this is very important for you body to attune to rigor's of long distance running !

I did first round in 87s and last one in 120s. The proper way is that you "peak" in your last round and it is supposed to be 10s faster than your first...oh well..! It sure felt nice to just "walk" after the track workout !

Next Sat is again 4 miles of long run !

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First 4 miler

Posted by Praveen | 6 Jun 2007, 4:11am

Successfully finished first 4 mile run last Saturday (Jun 2nd). I was looking forward to the run as I had my doubts on how well i will do. To my surprise..i finished it with good pace and also felt great.

typically run includes stretching before the run and strengthening after the run. i am ok with stretching but a bum when it comes to strengthening. oh well..hopefully it will improve over time. The mileage with keep increasing every week and by end of June I am *supposed* to run 9miles !

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ok..lets start

Posted by Praveen | 19 May 2007, 1:50am

This is my lame attempt to catch up with world of blogging. I have decided to run a Marathon on Nov 2007 to raise funds for ASHA (Charity striving to educate under-privileged in India). I will try to document my training for this evening...Lets see if I can really run 26.2 miles. Objective is to FINISH the marathon..

If not anything, its an opportunity to challenge myself, get some exercise and support a good cause.

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